Wake Boarding in Dubai

Quick Facts

Cost: AED 600 per hour for boat and equipment rental. Boat takes 7 people.

Location: Jumeirah Beach Residence (JBR) Dubai

Website: www.xtremewakeuae.com/

Tel: + 971 563423012


Wake boarding is a brilliant and super fun activity to try in Dubai if you haven’t already. If you are new to it then it’s something you can pick up the basics in one class to get on your feet and ride the board. Of course this depends on your strength and fitness as it requires a certain amount of core strength and it’s a good workout for your back and arms. You will find it works muscles you don’t generally work in the gym.

There are many places you can wake board in Dubai and in this video we did in Jumeirah Beach Residence. This is great for views of JBR and the Dubai Eye however if you are a more experienced wake boarder then you would have more interest in some of the other location. For more experienced boarders the Al Forsan resort in Abu Dhabi has a professional wake board arena and you can also find something mid-level at Ghantoot.

In this video we went as a group of friends and it sure is a lot of fun when you are with a group of buddies. Watching each other wipe out and fail can be quite entertaining and a boat takes up to seven people so why not make it a group thing.

Definitely search around for the best prices and providers as there are many. The ones I have used come under no specific recommendation as there are so many that I haven’t been able to try enough to tell you which is best.

Author: Guy in Dubai

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