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Sightseeing Dubai by Motorboat – Hero Odysea

Quick Facts

Where? Jumeirah Fishing Village, 41 A St – Dubai

Cost: AED 690 for one person, AED 790 for two


Tel:  04 440 9827


There are many ways to see Dubai’s marvelous sights, but seeing it from the sea is an outside experience. Of course you can’t see up close many of the Dubai sights but you can a great view of Burj Al Arab, Atlantis Hotel, Logo Island and the rest of Palm Jumeirah.

Seeing them by sea is a lot of fun but also very fast as you don’t have the traffic to worry about. Hero Odysea run tours where you take a route in a group with a tour guide. You can drive the boats yourself or in two’s and they go up to 70 kmph so you can have fun with your boats. The tour stops along the way and an expert will garner you with interesting information about each sight.

You start off with a safety briefing and refreshments at Jumeirah Fishing Village for about 30 mins and then you are straight onto the boats.

It’s certainly a great way to see Dubai and for the cost it’s a great activity. You need to set aside two hours to include the safety briefing and I would recommend it for couples also as it’s fun in pairs.


Author: Guy in Dubai

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