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Radio interview at Dubai 92

As Guy in Dubai launches on OSN’s on demand platform “Wavo” we go to talk with Dubai 92 radio station about some of the adventures in the show and what we have planned for the series.

In February the show has launch on Wavo and has been received well by viewers. The relatively new on-demand platform has grown rapidly in terms of subscriptions and Guy in Dubai offers a regionally relevant series of adventures which people in the region can relate to and try. It covers everything fun and exciting in the UAE so is good viewing for people living in the Emirates or travelling to the emirates.

We played a little game called “Paris Norriss or Paris Hilton?” where the presenter played certain sound clips of either Paris Hilton screaming or Paris Norris screaming from a Guy in Dubai video. The results were even which meant that no one could identify the difference.

We took a short video of the interview as well as some of the fun we had in the studio before and after. Paris was causing mayhem in the studio as he looked to discover how a radio presenter does their job behind the scenes. This is a fun one minute clip of the interview and the full interview in on Wavo.

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