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Hot Air Ballooning in the Dubai Desert with a Falcon

Quick Facts

Cost: AED 1,345   (include balloon ride, pick up, breakfast)

Location: Meeting point at Dubai Outlet Mall. Flies over Margham Desert.


Number:  +971 4 440 9827


There are many ways to see the Dubai desert but seeing it from a hot air balloon at sunrise has to be the most majestic way to see it. As the sun rises you can see the shadows over the dunes and the vastness of the desert.

You’ll have to be an early riser to catch this epic Dubai experience. Starting off around 5.45 – 6am (depending on time of year) at Dubai Outlet Mall on the Al Ain Road, the buses will take you to the starting point in the desert where the balloons take off. There is a quick safety briefing and an explanation of the tour and then the hot air balloons fill with hot air and in a heart beat you are called to the balloons and they take off over the Dubai desert.

Whilst it is very cold at that time in the morning at ground level, as the balloon rises it gets warmer and in no time the sun rises casting a beautiful sight over the desert dunes.

This particular experience with Platinum Heritage and Balloon Adventures is the only hot air balloon ride in the world where you can fly a falcon from the balloon. It’s an amazing experience being so close to an evolutionary masterpiece and watching it fly and feed so close. An experience you can really only see so well from a hot air balloon. The Falcon is not only the fastest animal on earth but a key friend to Bedouin culture as they are hunting creatures that helped the bedouin find food. It’s also the only place where you can do what they call the “Magic Carpet Ride” where the balloon lowers to 5-10 meters above the ground and hovers over the dunes. As there are no pylons and only a few trees in the desert this makes it possible.

All in all this was one of the most amazing and memorable experiences I’ve had in Dubai and certainly worth the money. It ranks very highly on my recommendations for things to do in Dubai.


Author: Guy in Dubai

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