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Flying Jet Pack man at the Redbull Air Race

Quick Facts

Where? The Redbull Air Race takes place at the Abu Dhabi Corniche 

When? February 2nd

Who should attend? People with an interest in aviation or just want to see some planes do some crazy stunts



The Redbull Air Race takes place every year at the Abu Dhabi Corniche. The event is held over 2 days as they qualifier rounds are on a separate day to the finals. For those that haven’t seen an air race before it’s quite a spectacle as stunt planes battle it out to complete a course, much like a slalom in the air. As with any sport it’s a timed event with penalties for inaccuracy going through the pylons.

It’s really an all day event and there are time gaps between races so it can be a lot of waiting around. So if you aren’t an enthusiast there are other things to entertain you. Redbull put on a drifting event at ground level for people to watch as well as food and the occasional man flying with a jet pack.

That’s right, we witnessed first hand a man flying across the Abu Dhabi Corniche in jet pack suit. It can reach up to 250 kmph and was built by the same man flying it, David Mayman of Jet Pack Aviation. You can see in the video I get a short change to talk to him.

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