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Boxing Contender

Time Out Dubai Magazine came to take a look at how we are getting along for our training for the Fighting Fit Dubai TV program. We were among 30 contestants who were selected to train for a white collar boxing fight over an 8 week training program. The program is formatted so that 50 contestants are elimiated through challenges to 30 final contestants who fight for their place to be in a team. The teams then face each other in a final boxing match.

Having never boxed before I thought I had only a slim chance of winning anything. On the very first day they threw us in a ring together to fight. As you can envisage, without any prior experience it was a brawl and slapping session. It turns out that I was right, I was awful but luckily so was everyone else and actually that maybe put me slightly on top.

As you can see from the pics the training has been hardcore fitness and boxing with some of the best trainers in the UAE.


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