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Canoe Challenge Around Palm Jumeirah – 4:58 Hours

Quick Facts

Where to rent a canoe? There are various places along the Dubai coastline you can rent. If you are attempting to canoe by the palm then try Barasti to rent them from as it is at the base of the palm.

Distance: It’s around 16km around the circumference of Palm Jumeirah. It took me clost to 5 hours.

Tips: If you are attempting to canoe around Palm Jumeirah then take plenty of water and snacks. Also try going around anti-clockwise as it works with the current.


This video I attempted a challenge to kayak around Palm Jumeirah in Dubai. It’s the worlds largest man made islands. Although from google maps it may look small, but you start to understand the scale of it when you attempt it in a canoe. It’s about 16km around the circumference and you can start in many places. I started at my friends house within the palm and then exited under a bridge which allows you on the outside of the palm.

Having read that there is a current around Palm Jumeirah I discovered it is more energy efficient to go anti-clockwise. This is the route I took and I could see half way through that this was a good choice.

I set myself the goal of completing it in under 5 hours and maybe I just have good judgement but I completed it in 4 hours and 58 minutes. Honestly speaking, I could have done it faster as we had to film the video as we went and we used the drone to get some shots which took time. If you are a fit person, I would expect a goal of 4 hours would be challenging but possible.

We didn’t rent these canoes as we use my friends. If you can get hold of a friends or have your own then this is suggested as not may canoe rentals in Dubai will allow you to go around Palm Jumeirah or to rent them for so long.


Author: Guy in Dubai

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